Monday, February 27, 2006

Perspectives Film Festival - Featuring The Ringer

Today's blog thought to my fans is about the upcoming Perspectives Film Festival March 17th through 19th in Los Angeles. The Film Festival is about people with Disabilites doing films about themselves and acting in films so they can showcase their Talents and not let their Disability get in the way. I will be on a panel talking to people about The Ringer and my experience doing the movie and to let people know that people with disabilites have the same needs as anyone else and they should be treated with respect and to be loved.

If you're in Los Angeles, come check it out. It will be fun. And I'll have my autograph pen ready.

Perspectives Film Fesitval - March 17-19th

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another Star "Sighting"

Aunt Barbara and I went to Pearl vision to fix my eye glasses and there was a mother & daughter sitting together in the store and I was telling them that I was in a movie called The Ringer. They could not believe it. The mother, Janet, who has a son, Manny, who is Autistic - they asked me to sign their autograph. And there was another man who recognized me from the movie. He said to me - you look familiar aren't you Johnny Knoxville's Roommate in the movie. I said, yes I am. The man said oh my God we have a Celebrity here. An employee behind the counter said to me I'm fixing a Celebrity's eye glasses I can't believe it. When we left the store the mother & daughter blessed me and told me that it was an honor to meet a movie star.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Shake That Rump

This one's for the ladies.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dollar Theatre Days

Aunt Barbara and I went to see The Ringer at the Tamarac 5 Theater and their was only one person in the Theater watching the movie. the Lady loved the movie and loved watching me in it. after the movie was over some people working at the Theater asked me to sign their Autograph. The Employees told us that the Manager told us to take the poster of The Ringer home. so the people at the Theater was helping My Aunt and I to unscrew the poster. she pulled her car up to the Theater and she was trying to fit the poster in her car. the poster could not fit so out of nowhere my Coach from SpecialOlympics came with his truck he pulled his truck up to the Theater and he told my Aunt that he would drop off the poster at my house. the rest is history! we had a ball.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ron Lane: My Acting Coach & My Best Friend

I have a best friend named Ron Lane. He is my acting Coach.

One day, I saw him quoting Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. He inspired me and motivated me to do Shakespeare. We walked and talked and rehearsed Shakespeare and I said to Ron I would love to be able to act in a movie and performe Shakespeare. So Ron and I had breakfast, lunch and dinner together and rehearsed Shakespeare. He taught me how to do Romeo from Romeo and Juliet, Henry the 5th the Prologue, Lancelot Gobbo from Merchant of Venice and Puck from Midsummer Nights Dream.

He is the best friend I've ever had in my life.

Ron has his strange ways, and I'll share some funny stories with you soon along with some pictures.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fran Drescher

I saw the Nanny this morning with Fran Drescher and she was hilarious. I am Fran Drescher's biggest fan and I think she is a great actress. I look up to her, and I would love to meet her.