Friday, April 28, 2006

Silver Screen Room Presents - The Ringer

I was reading a newsletter from work and the Classic Residence by Hyatt is showing "The Ringer" in the Silver Screen Room on May 20th for all the residents and staff to watch. The article says If you missed out when it was in theaters then this is your chance to see our very own Eddie in his big Screen Premiere. Get the autographs now before he leaves us for Hollywood.

Friday, April 21, 2006

City Streets - S. Florida's Hot New Attraction

Here are some photos of me hanging out at City Streets doing rock climbing and bungee trampoline jumping. My friends are the owners, and I want everyone to come check them out. They're good guys and they've built lots of fun games for people to enjoy themselves with.

The Grand Opening is May 10th. Money raised during the Opening will be donated to the Special Olympics. Join me, have fun and support the Special Olympics.

4939 Coconut Creek Parkway

Pictures of Ron Lane

Ron on the Tennis Court

Ron at my Bar Mitzvah

Meeting My Public While Shopping at Publix

I went food shopping at Publix with my mother. We went to the cash register to pay for our food and an employee, Derek, saw my Ringer shirt and his co-worker and him recognized me from the movie. The employees were flipping out. They wanted my Autograph so I signed my Autograph for them. Derek was rushing for a camera to take a picture of me. The employee told Derek to buy a Camera. So they were rushing for a camera. So as they were getting a camera we left the store with smiles on our faces.