Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another Star "Sighting"

Aunt Barbara and I went to Pearl vision to fix my eye glasses and there was a mother & daughter sitting together in the store and I was telling them that I was in a movie called The Ringer. They could not believe it. The mother, Janet, who has a son, Manny, who is Autistic - they asked me to sign their autograph. And there was another man who recognized me from the movie. He said to me - you look familiar aren't you Johnny Knoxville's Roommate in the movie. I said, yes I am. The man said oh my God we have a Celebrity here. An employee behind the counter said to me I'm fixing a Celebrity's eye glasses I can't believe it. When we left the store the mother & daughter blessed me and told me that it was an honor to meet a movie star.


Anonymous said...


I loved you in the movie. I thought you had lots of funny lines and things to say.

It's cool that people are seeing you and saying that's the guy from the movie. that's cool.

When the DVD comes out - I'm buying it.


Anonymous said...

Deerfield Beach. I'm from there. Maybe I'll see you out and say hello.

Is Johnny a cool guy?

Annmarie said...

Hi Eddie,
I think its great when an actor gets recognized and doesn't let it go to his head. It does mean alot to some people when they see someone in a movie or tv and I hear it all too often that the celebrity isn't always what they expected them to be. Its nice to see you handle yourself well and you don't take everything so seriously! Best of luck to you!!! Looking forward to catching you on the big screen again in the future!

Anonymous said...

Learn from other celebrity's mistakes and don't let this attention go to your head.
I think Fran Drescher's career could use the boost, maybe ask her to star in your next movie.
It's a great Blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eddie my name is Tony and I'm from Spain!!! I'm a freelance translator, I translate subtitles for DVD and I'm just working on your movie right now!

I just wanna tell you I've enjoyed the movie so much, I laughed my head off seeing you guys kicking ass!! :) You ooze class with your lines, Pacino style!!! I guess you hade a great time filming it too, what a ball!! Congratulations, and hope to see you again on the big screen!!!

Take care and best of luck!! :)