Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sky Squad Eagle Eight - Landing in early '07

The Greatest Superhero story of all-time is coming soon...

In January or February of 2007, the Cheshire Project will be premiering Sky Squad Eagle Eight in Los Angeles. If you saw the photo from my earlier post, it'll be a film packed with action, humor, fantastic costumes, love, loss, liberty, the pursuit of happines and symmetrical attack formations.

Who needs another Spider Man when Sky Squad's coming??

I'll post an exact time and place once it's announced.

I'm a Special Olympics Board Member

Note: I enjoy announcing big news in a mix of 1st and 3rd Person

Edward Barbanell from The Ringer got a call from Bruce Pasternack President and CEO of Special Olympics Washington DC. He spoke to me over the phone and I said yes I would love to be on the Board of Directors and so Bruce said to me yesterday that you are Officially a member of the Board. I will be going to Shanghai in October 2007 with my family.

This will be a great opportunity for me to speak on behalf of people with disabilites and encourage them to chase their dreams no matter what.

Here's the Special Olympics website. Check it out and meet lots of amazing athletes and wonderful people working together for a great cause.

Big Man on High School Campus

Last week, I went back to High School.

Coral Springs High School hosted a special screening of The Ringer projected on the football field, but I missed the screening because I was working late.

The main thing was that Denise from the Leadership group told me that your fans are here to meet you. So I signed their Autographs and took some Photos with them and they called up thier Friends and Girlfriends and Boyfriends and I spoke to them and I said some lines to them from the movie.

Then I went back home feeling good about myself.