Friday, April 28, 2006

Silver Screen Room Presents - The Ringer

I was reading a newsletter from work and the Classic Residence by Hyatt is showing "The Ringer" in the Silver Screen Room on May 20th for all the residents and staff to watch. The article says If you missed out when it was in theaters then this is your chance to see our very own Eddie in his big Screen Premiere. Get the autographs now before he leaves us for Hollywood.


Emma said...

I just wanted to tell you that I'm a big fan of yours and I would love to see you in another Movie!

Take care
Emma from Sweden

Boston said...

when will you post some new blogs ? its been a while. im dying to hear about your adventures from the month of june and may.

Boston said...
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Boston said...

also i loved the movie the ringer and you did some great work in that. it wasnt easy finding your blog adress. I've been talking alot to bill chott on myspace. hes the one who gave me your blog address. By the way, i think your are really cool. My name is Boston and im 15. i would love for you to write me back. thanks a lot edward.

las vegas, nevada

Anonymous said...

you rock i like johnny aswell i have with ds he is a cool kid

Anonymous said...

i like the movie abe