Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sky Squad Eagle Eight

(That's me in the middle, that's me in the spot...light, losing my religion - just kidding, still a Jew)


Here is a screen shot from my upcoming short film, Sky Squad Eagle Eight. I shot this film during acting camp this summer with my friends at the Cheshire Project in Venice, California.

If you like at least one of the following(superhero movies, comic books, great acting, great directing, top notch cinematography, the triumph of the human spirit, me), then you'll love this movie.

We expect a big premiere screening in Los Angeles in December.

I'll keep you posted, super fans.




Jessica said...

Hello Eddie! I just found your blog and wanted to say hello. I also want to tell you how much I enjoyed watching The Ringer. I have a 6 month old son with Down Syndrome named Joey. Be sure to check out my blog! http://jessheeran.blogspot.com


LeslieAnn said...

Hi Eddie! I found you through Jessica's blog for Joey! I also enjoyed watching you in tne Ringer. You are an inspiration to everyone with Down Syndrome. Good luck with your new film!
Leslie & Jack

Tammy and Parker said...


I have to join both Jessica and Lesliann when I say what an inspiration you are. I look forward to your next film, especially since I enjoy so many of the items you listed.

I also have a little boy named Parker who has Down syndrome. He is only 22 months old, but I'll still have to let him check out your site.

Miranda said...

Hi Eddie,
I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and say i got to your blog through Jessica. I loved you in The Ringer!! It's one of my all time favorite movies! The water fight was my favorite scene.

I have a Daughter, Shaylee, who turns 3 Tomorrow (September 12th) She also has Down Syndrome. Come on over to her Blog and Wish her a happy Birthday, I can tell her when she's older she had a Movie Star Wish her Happy Birthday!!

I loved your blog and will be looking forward to your new movie, you are wonderfully funny!

Christina said...

Hello Eddie,

I also found your blog via Jessica's site. You are such an inspiration to our family! We have a 4 month old, Vincent, with Down Syndrome. We live in Austria, you can check us out on:


Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Eddie, I just wanted to drop you a line saying how funny you were in the Ringer! You're a great actor actor man! Keep up the good work.
Joe Beck

Anonymous said...

hey you are like sooo cool!

Mia said...

Hi Eddie,
I got this blog of your bussness card. We met once at the Internaltional Specail Olympics and then again at the NDSS Gala this year. I heard you say "Bobby,we need to do a Ringer two!" I agree. I wish you luck and like to see you in your next movie. I do have 2 questions I hope you can answer. What is your advice for those of us to get into movie acting? And lastly, what can you tell us about this You scratched My CD,You Know?
Keep it up in all your shakespare acting. Your an insperation.

Kelly Rimmer said...

Hello Eddie! I have a 15 mth old beautiful little girl with Down Syndrome and her name is Alexis. My family loves the movie The Ringer. You are such a huge inspiration! Cant wait to see your next movie.

Bennetts said...

When I seen your movie The ringer it gave me insight to my own sons life who has Down syndrome. Your movie showed just how normal people with Down syndrome are! I laughed and cried and felt so much warmth and joy. I loved the water fight! You have changed the way people will look at are children as they grow up.My older children loved your movie so much that they have shared it with all of their friends who now have a better understanding of what Down syndrome is and that their brother will be just like everyone else with feelings and a since of humor! You are a wonderful young man and am so proud of the work you are doing. THANK YOU from a mom who has a son with Down syndrome.
Love to you,
Chases Mom, Rose

Anonymous said...

Hey Eddie!
I loved the movie The Ringer. My favorite scene was the first scene where you and "Jeffey" first meet and he scratches your CD! Thats great! I look forward to your next movie!

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