Friday, May 25, 2007

Bad News Bulldogs

Your favorite cover boy is back with some new and exciting news. I'm on the cover of this week's South Florida NEW TIMES newspaper as part of this article - "The Bad News Bulldogs" .

Come and share the (mis)adventures of my Special Olympics volleyball team, The Bulldogs, as we make a valiant run for a State Championship.

Thank you to the talented journalist and part-time volleyball coach, Thomas Francis, for writing such a fun story about us.


whit said...

Hey Eddie -

That was a great article in The New Times! Your brother Geoff is a friend of mine and he sent me the link. BTW, my son (he's seventeen) and I are real fans of yours. We saw The Ringer together and thought it was really funny and we hope we see you in a lot more stuff.

Good luck with your endeavors, man. And good luck to the Bulldogs!

A loyal fan,
- Whit R.

Anonymous said...

Dear Edward / Eddie / Ed,

(Sorry I'm not sure what you like to go by.)

I saw The Ringer a few months ago and instantly you became my new favorite actor. I think you are SOOOO... funny! Just hearing you say "SCRATCH!" on the movie makes me smile.

I am a 12 year old boy and I enjoy acting also. In the last year I have been in two plays: You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (The Musical) and Happy Daze both took place at the Northfield Arts Guild Theater in Northfield, Minnesota.

I think that you are one of the coolest people ever!

Your Pal,

Brandon Miller

Amy said...

Good luck, Bulldogs!

Leticia said...

Hey Eddie, come on over to my blog and see the first ever Down syndrome blog carnival. Maybe you can send me a post to enter into next week's carnival.
Here's the link:

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Eddie:D
I really am amazed with how much you have accomplished! I saw The Ringer just recently and i loved it and especially you in it. Also I am writing my Senior Venture paper about children with Down Syndrome and i was wondering if maybe i could interview you through email somehow? Just ask a couple of questions maybe, if you have time of course.

My name is Ally and my email is Thank you

Your fan,
Ally E.