Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pictures From DSP Playoffs in Franklin, Tennessee

A generous man named Rick Radar invited me to Nashville, Tennessee to meet and greet people and sign autographs as part of the DSP Playoffs to plan awareness of people with disabilities. I flew from Miami airport to Nashville on Tuesday. On Wendesday, I spoke in front of the DSP attendees and recited a rap about my experiences on THE RINGER and how it changes attittudes towards people with disabilities.

After my speech, I signed autographs, shook hands and met all kinds of wonderful people.

Here's the link to the DSP website


John Bringardner said...

Did you talk about the DVD release? I just saw it in my video store, with Eddie joining in the director's commentary with Johnny Knoxville. What was that like, Ed?

Wac said...

Props you you bud. Job well done. You played a good character. Luck and love in future movie pitches. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

My friend thinks jonny knoxvilles hot so you have to tell jonny that!!!

Anonymous said...


Leticia said...

My daughters and I are BIG fans of you on "The Ringer"! You were the BEST actor in that hysterical movie!

If it weren't 2:30AM, I'd wake them up and show them your blog!:)

Someday, I hope we meet, so you can hear my Isabella say, "No, I'm walking my DAG!" She sounds just like you!

My 4 year old daughter Christina has DS, and you are such a good role model for her! God Bless you.

soph said...


I really love your movie. You are such a talented actor. You are probably my favorite character in the movie, and you have so many funny lines and ad libs! Good luck in future movies! You are the best!

Edward Barbanell said...

Hi my name is Edward barbanell and I'am replying to your comments. I love your comments. please write some more. i'am going to be in another movie called Let's Ride. I think it will kick up in March.